dinsdag 28 mei 2013

The blackird's family FIRST LAYER

There is not much time left to the birth of my first child.  If the delivery will be on time there is only 19 days left. I've just started to make a linocut birth card. Well the task is quite heavy if we consider my advanced pregnancy. But I  promised to take it easy and I will make just as much as I can. I was thinking for a long time about the project. Of course, I wanted to make something very, very special and original, but as they say 'everything in the art has already been.' I've decided to make it simple, readable, joyful and what is very important- close to our hearts. One of the very early mornings I couldn't sleep I was listening to the birds outside and there I've heard the one very recognizable voice of my partner's favorite birds THE BLACKBIRD.  It was my first inspiration of the project for the card.  My design image shows a family blackbirds in a tree. The one of the adult birds is the mammy and she is feeding the little one which is sitting in the nest. The second one daddy is singing out the name of the baby. Well, we still don't know the name of the baby and we didn't want to know sex of the baby as well. So we have to wait with the pressing the name on the card ;-)

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