vrijdag 2 september 2016

Making brithday cards

In addition to making labor-intensive illustrations and portraits,
sometimes it is nice to do something small that you can give to the
others. That's why I decided to make birthday cards. The one I show
below is made in created for a friend of mine who soon will have his birthday.
Since this card is not printed  as a single copy  but I made an edition of about 20 I decided to customize this one a specially for the friend.



vrijdag 14 maart 2014

I do things!

There is so much to do lately that I forget to put the new posts on the blog. But pretty regulary I update http://michalina.nl/. Overview of my works is there better. Soon I will update my activities on this site as well.

In about a week I participate in an expo of the Regio Art Rijmond members. You can see there work of 25 artist. More informations on the flyer.

maandag 9 december 2013

My work at Juried International Exhibition at New Grouds Gallery in Albuquerque New Mexico

What a pity I couldn't go to the verinssage. But all the work is also on the web of the gallery. Cannot wait when they will publish the pictures :)

vrijdag 6 december 2013

I always wanted to have my own press...

An etching press is a quite expensive thing. I use to go to Grafisch Atelier Minnigh where I can doe my stuff but since the moment I became a mother I do not always have time to go to the atelier. My partner promised me a little press for my birthday which was in the summertime. We where looking on internet for something nice but not too expensive and not too little. Also we visited the shops with art supplies. Once I found on internet an announcement that somewhere in The Hague is a big press to buy.  There was no photo of it but we decided to go by car there and check it. The place where whe supposed to go was located on Prinsessegracht. As soon as we get there we noticed that under the address was a shop with some old stuff, art, curious, books and a lot of mess. Kind of flea market but much more messy. Actually it was the most dusty place I have seen in my life or maybe it was just my idea because I was than about 10 days after the labour, so just it didn't feel like the place to be at the moment. We noticed the guy running the business and asked him about the press. He dig it out from mountains of garbage. Well, when I saw the bunch of metal parts I decided we are not buying it. But my partner looked at it and he told that he has a good feeling about. So he took it.

At home my guy started to put every little element apart. Then he removed the rust and furbished everything. He asked me to choose the color. Every element was painted about 3 times with a dark green lacquer. After he put everything together, we went to a construction store for plate which should became the press bed plate. We also went to the art supplies store to buy the felt blanket. Everything was ready, but the press didn't work. It turned out that one of the gearwheel was bent and we have to find the way of making it new or doe something that it starts to work. After months my partner found finally the solution and the press is working!

maandag 7 oktober 2013

Art route districts Kralingen-Crooswijk in Rotterdam 2013

 Last weekend art route took place in the district Crooswijk. You could see presentations of many artists of various disciplines. It was a very inspiring event. Full of this great energy and beauty. In the coming weekend I am taking part of the art route in district Kralingen. The location where I exhibit my prints is in "Pro Rege" building on Oudedijk 113 in Rotterdam. Everybody is welcome. There are more things to see in the coming weekend in Kralingen.

maandag 16 september 2013

New 'Lady Kangaroo'

I love Sundays! This day is my atelier day.  My baby boy is not going to creche so Sunday is for me the only day I can live the house to work there. My partner is building a beautiful etching press for me at home but we still need some parts and Atelier is the only possibility to make some prints of my linocuts at this moment. Just yesterday I've started to work on a new Lady Kangaroo. I like the color of the first layer. Still thinking about the final title of my work LK-Lost ID? I think this would be perfect.

vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Urban Eve

I am working on a new image. The work title is Urban Eve. Did you ever thought what would tempt the biblical Eve if she would live in the contemporary world? What would replace the apple? Would it be a funky designer label or maybe some shocking sexual behavior or illicit drugs? The days in the towns and cities are filled with temptation of consumption. It became so normal that we even don't think that we  were tempted by the full advertising and glamor shopping centers, which we can refer to the biblical snake. Aren't we all the Eve's of our times? We cannot even say that we are unaware of the consequences of our decisions. As in the case of the biblical sin, so our actions will have consequences for future generations who will come to live on the devastated planet

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

New graving chisels

Yeah! I just bought 4 brand new graving chisels for lino ;-)  Those are my favorite brand the Swiss made PFEIL. Now waiting when I'll find some time to make new pictures. Is seems to be so difficult to find the time  since I became a mom. But nevermind being a mother is so inspiring I just have to organize at one point... And soon I will have my own press at home. My guy is making it for me ;-) cannot wait! I looks promising

vrijdag 19 juli 2013

My son

I have a beautiful son named Viktor! He is about one month old. The birth cards are finished and send already to family and friends. Here under I would like to present the final effect. I love them!

dinsdag 28 mei 2013

The blackird's family FIRST LAYER

There is not much time left to the birth of my first child.  If the delivery will be on time there is only 19 days left. I've just started to make a linocut birth card. Well the task is quite heavy if we consider my advanced pregnancy. But I  promised to take it easy and I will make just as much as I can. I was thinking for a long time about the project. Of course, I wanted to make something very, very special and original, but as they say 'everything in the art has already been.' I've decided to make it simple, readable, joyful and what is very important- close to our hearts. One of the very early mornings I couldn't sleep I was listening to the birds outside and there I've heard the one very recognizable voice of my partner's favorite birds THE BLACKBIRD.  It was my first inspiration of the project for the card.  My design image shows a family blackbirds in a tree. The one of the adult birds is the mammy and she is feeding the little one which is sitting in the nest. The second one daddy is singing out the name of the baby. Well, we still don't know the name of the baby and we didn't want to know sex of the baby as well. So we have to wait with the pressing the name on the card ;-)

woensdag 15 mei 2013

Plein du Publique Rotterdam

The 2nd edition of Plein du Publique in Rotterdam was a very nice event. Even if there was a bit rainy and windy I still believe that Pijnackerplein on Saturday 11 May was the place to be. It was for me the first time I sell my artwork in such a way and I see now that I still have to learn a lot. But well, the fun was the most important thing! And addition to fun I have my costs back :) There are a lot of such art festivals all over the city. The next is soon but because of my current physical condition I have to be careful and wait a bit for easier time. The next art fair I'm participating is on 14th September in Spijkenisse during art route. Hopefully see you there. Till then I'm going to check what for possibilities of selling my art give me the internet like Etsy

zondag 5 mei 2013

woensdag 1 mei 2013

Michalina on Etsy

I have just opened my own ETSY online shop! Be free to visit and buy my graphics :)


maandag 25 februari 2013

Weekend at the studio

There is anything nicer than spent the weekend in the favorite way. Especially if the weather isn't so optimistic. I can always use spring colors than! Here under some examples of my weekend activities :)

And outside the studio cold and snowy...

vrijdag 22 februari 2013

Buy my art :-)

I'm sooooo happy! From now on you can buy my work online at GALLERY PEPPER.  Please check it yourself!


woensdag 13 februari 2013

Something new

I've started a new own project. Soon I'm gonna tell something more about it. For now I'm just showing the nice colors of the first picture. PINK-RED-...? PURPLE? The third layer is still at the run time

zondag 28 oktober 2012

Taking Things Literally

This image is specially made for the international exhibition INCIDENT II - ACCIDENT in Częstochowa/Poland.

woensdag 3 oktober 2012


This is the new portrait of Bertus and the mask