woensdag 15 mei 2013

Plein du Publique Rotterdam

The 2nd edition of Plein du Publique in Rotterdam was a very nice event. Even if there was a bit rainy and windy I still believe that Pijnackerplein on Saturday 11 May was the place to be. It was for me the first time I sell my artwork in such a way and I see now that I still have to learn a lot. But well, the fun was the most important thing! And addition to fun I have my costs back :) There are a lot of such art festivals all over the city. The next is soon but because of my current physical condition I have to be careful and wait a bit for easier time. The next art fair I'm participating is on 14th September in Spijkenisse during art route. Hopefully see you there. Till then I'm going to check what for possibilities of selling my art give me the internet like Etsy

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